Vocational Rehabilitation


VR Career Camp

Students ages 14-21 will participate in a variety of Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) to explore careers and learn about the many choices they can make after high school. VR will partner with approved VR Career Camp providers to deliver any combination of the following Pre-ETS to create a unique Career Camp experience.

Post secondary educational counseling

Counseling on postsecondary educational institution options, counseling on the assistance available through Disability Services Offices and exploration of student financial aid options and supports.

Self-Advocacy Training

Prepares individuals on how to better communicate their strengths, abilities, interests, and needs when interviewing with potential employers or applying to trade schools, colleges, or universities. They will also learn life skills.





Work-based learning Experiences

Work-based learning experiences in the community including field trips, job shadowing, informational interviews and industry tours. Paid and unpaid work experiences are not available through Career Camps.

Work Readiness Training

Soft-skills training, employability skills training, social/interpersonal skills, resume writing, banking skills, interview techniques, and dress attire.

Job exploration counseling

 Interest and ability surveys, review of career websites, high school based courses on career choices, or other similar activities.

women in pink

Quarterly gatherings, annual march, and supportive services for women.

OJT training

OJT helps people with disabilities get used to the employment environment while gaining valuable work experience.